Saturday, July 26, 2008

Elegant Perfection.

The glamourous and talented Mimi_Mami has never stopped wowing me! She looks absolutely marvellous in every outfit she creates! Her style is so elegant, stylish and oh so unique. She could easily go down the Runway anyday with looks like hers! You couldn't find anyone like her even if you searched the whole 19,346,589 members of stardoll! In the outfit Mimi is wearing above she has created an elegant and very stylish dress by layering 4 dresses, a blouse, 4 belts and accesories and she has done it brilliantly! Not only is Mimi's clothing style simply one of the best i have ever seen, have you seen her make-up! Her make-up is simple, yet beautiful with simple colours which bring out the best in her. Not only has she got the looks but this fashionista has also got the touch. Every room in her suite made my jaw drop! Okay so lets see here, Amazing Style, Beautiful Make-up & Medoll, Jaw Dropping Suite, A Designer Wardrope, Lovely personality... This girl has got the whole package! She most defiantly deserves to be featured in this blog and I hope she keeps making my jaw drop at her amazing suite and outstanding fashions!
Over && Out.


Angel-Stylin said...

She looks kind of like me ^^] She has brilliant style!

coolsista said...

wow i popped by her suite a while ago and i was amazing! its great!! also great post maire!!

Txira said...

hello. she looks so stylish in that dress she created. she wowed me too.

Lucy xx..xx..xx

Mimi_Mami said...

Thank you so much for all the great things you said about me =]

Also i am very thankful for the nice comments this post has had.

And i hope i wont let you down next time i change my outfit :P

With Love,

hottie-roshe said...

great post marie! she's very stylish and i love the outfit she's wearing!!

Babii-Mariex said...

No Problem Mimi.

Marie 0x

lola..rosie said...

she's stunning =0

Heidi-di said...

i was astonished by her outfit!!
beautifull,elegant and sophisticated!!MOI ADORE!!!

Mimi_Mami said...

Again, my comment shall have thankful words =]

I am very pleased that people like my style.
And thank you again Marie and Heidi for feauturing me in this amazing blog.


DYLAN.DUDE said...

She's Gorgeous!

Serena. said...

Gorgeous Much?
I Think So!

Mimi_Mami said...

Thanks :)