Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Real Brand!!!KOHL'S!!

Yep,a new Real Brand is in Stardoll town!for Non superstars too!!
When i saw this i screamed of happyness!not really
but it's great,the prices are affordable and the collection or what i saw of the collection is awesome!!It's inspired by Hayden panettiere and worn by you!
As you see it's fashionable,well designed and cheap!
I'm loving it!!
sorry for not writing much more but i was so excited about posting it!!
Till the next post Ciao!


Brooke said...

i can't find the shop!can you?if yes where?

Babii-Mariex said...

Brooke just go to the shop on stardoll and then there is a blank space where ''Coming Soon'' used to be. Click on it and the shop is there!

Leonaaa said...

The shops great!

Sheer.Models said...

The shop is great because as i am a non-superstar i can now get well designed clothes for a reasonable price.

- Sheer.Models

samantha said...

I can't find the shop either... there is no comingsoon space, and in the list of shops there is no kohls..
please help me?

Astin said...

Yh Im with samantha, I cant find a coming soon space either...>!!!!!