Monday, July 28, 2008

Style Addiciton

An addiction to Style....and to everyone who is tempted by visiting her page!!
i was first attracted by her distinguished,a bit haughty and stunning look when i saw her on someone's best friends list,then went to her page,and was astonished by so much beauty,poise and elegance.Simplicity and sumptuousness are the key words of Addiktion.x's style.
The splendid blondie glittens and glows,and appears looking at you out of her sunglasses in an ultra shining look,mixing different tones of white and silver,and accessorizing the whole with bright pearls and diamonds.
Her suite,you may notice is quite simple,but if you pay attention to the details,it seems like every room is perfectly decorated,and every item is in it place,avoiding the "too much" and the "not enough".
I'm definitely addicted to Addiktion.x and so you'll be if you visit her!
Till the next post Ciao!


hottie-roshe said...

Yahoo i get the first comment lol. She's mega stunning. Her look is so elegant!

Babii-Mariex said...

Yes I Agree. Her Look Is So Fresh & Elegant. I Also Am Addicted To Her.

- Marie. OX

Anonymous said...

2nd!!she shines and glows!!

beach_lover24 said...

shes got a gorgeous medoll! great post heidi!!

Heidi-di said...

thanks beach_lover 24!
and Addiktion.x truly STUNNING!!

Gossip Girl said...

Very classic & Beautiful.

Hi their all fashionistas!
Hanging at stardoll often?
Well, then maybe you are the new gossip! Take a look at;
Gossip about evryone at stardoll!

Leanna said...

wOw amazing medoll and outfit!!
great job girls!!

Addiktion.x said...

Heey <3

Thanks So Much Everyone!
&& I Am Loving The Blog, Great
Job, I Am Definitely A Fan Haha =]


Kaf said...

hey girlies. lovelay blog. defiantly a biggiee fan of it. Neways love er style. keep up da gudee work girliess. oxoxox