Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New banner!!!!

Hello there!! If you didn't notice it we have a new banner for our blog! I was talking to Mary (writemarycat) this afternoon, and she kindly proposed to make a new banner for our blog! And here's the chef d'oeuvre! I love the colors and what Marie and i are wearing (so me)! Thank you Mary! Alsom we're starving to read the upcoming issue of Eternity!

I simply love it! Thank you so much Mary ! Also, last time Marie (my Marie: babii-mariex) left you confused with her brilliant riddle "The BBOF Is Nothing To Fear, All Featured Will Be Drawn Near'', some of you were really near, and some not...keep thinking about it! You'll discover the answer very soon! Finally do you like our new banner? Or prefer the old one (certainly not)! Express your opinion in a comment or find the answer to Marie's riddle! Till the next post Ciao my dears!!




Soph. said...

i like it!!
does the ridle means that all the featured in the blog will be in the bbof or that the trendsetters only will be in your bbof?


Katrina :) said...

i love love love love it!

its beautiful :)

katrina x

writemarycat said...

No problem!
I adore this blog!

Lilly.Paw said...

that banner rocks!
and im stilll thinkin about the riiddlee!

Stardoll Style said...

OMG it's absolutely perfect!