Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KOHL'S New Store!

What do you all think about the new KOHL store? As you can see Heidi wrote about it in the last post so check it out if you wana know more about the store or simply check it out for yourself in starplaza! Why not tell us what you think about the store and the clothes in a comment under this post!
Also i have had LOADS of mail since the blog started and nearly half of it was asking who writes what in the blog. So here is the simple way to find out yourself. Under each post it should either say Posted by Babii-Mariex or Posted by Heidi-di and as you might have guessed Babii-Mariex is me and Heidi-di is Heidi.
See You All Later For My Next Post Which Will Have More Info On The BIG Book Of Fashion. Byeee


Lola-Moo said...

thanks for letting me know! i never even knew there was a new shop! thanks soo much! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gemma_W said...

The new shop is great!

I wonder what the big book of fashion is? hemm.. I will check in tomorrow to see if any new posts are up about it. It sounds exciting.


Selenaa.. said...

Hi! I love the new shop! ")
I agree with gemma the book does sound exciting! I can't wait until we all find out what it's about!

Sheer.Models said...

I am happy with this shop as it is non-superstar, as i am. And now i can buy nice clothes for an affordable price.

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Luxe Magazine said...

I love the new KOHL'S! It's extremely, reasonablely priced and it's adorable! And also, cute site Marie!

Editor-In-Chief of Luxe Magazine