Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Found Talent!

Hi Everyone. Can I just inform you about my New (Old, but the first time I used it so...) banner created by my kind friend gudmunda92. Anyway, onto the post, Haha!
Have you been searching for that one girl,
That one girl with talent and style ?
That one girl who turns heads,
That one girl with the sweetest personality ?
That one girl, That one girl ? I've Found Her,
She is called Verojun.
This girl isn't like any girl,
This girl is 'thee' girl,
The one we have been searching for,
The one girl, the one girl.
With outfits so fresh,
With style so new,
With talent so rare,
Its the one and only,
The one girl, the one girl.
(Do not ask, I am bored and decided to write a poem thing.)

(Images above from Dina's blog. Click here to see them for yourself!)

Yes, that one girl is the one and only Dina! I frooze when I seen the amazing graphics she produced. Amazing much ? I think so, you think so, we all think so!

Not only does she produce amazing articles and beautiful graphics ( Best on stardoll ? ;] ) but she also has that trendsetting style that Heidi and I search for all the time! (Talking about Heidi, where the roast turkey dinner is she ?) Also, Dina even creates amazing designs which are extremely popular and her suite is envyable! She even has that sweet, kind, warm personality. It's not often you find someone like this.

I don't think I can say anything else about Dina, I am speachless (apart from the whole big post I wrote.) Yes, i am feeling ok today. :<)

Overall, I just HAD to write about Verojun. She is so talented and a true inspiration in my eyes. What do you think of Verojun's new blog ? More importantly, What do you think of my new banner ? (Jokes) Anything else to say ? Tell us in a comment!


Sugar-magx said...

great post!
i totally agree.. dina is extremely talented when it comes to graphics and design. she defiantly deserves to be featured. she is a trendsetter too.
and yeah, where is heidi? i thought it was so funny when you said where the roast turkey dinner is heidi lol! but really, where has she been? :(
pssss.. ur poem thing at the start was really good!

Tejki said...

wow she is really gret at graphics. she is better than style magazinee!!!!

yasas10 said...

Well done.
And awsome banners!

Hottie-Roshe said...

I have to agree, Dina is very very talented!

Eamon007 said...

she is really talented

Dora said...

Oh she is amazing! (:

Clairtjuh01 said...

You sound like your in love xD

But yes, she is very talented! Wish I was ...

arna-rut said...


arna-rut said...

OH yeah, i forgot to comment about the graphics..

Not so great



Anonymous said...

Go Dina! :D