Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone. As you all know, the Christmas season is here and Christmas is so very soon. Excitement has been stirring in my stomach for Christmas ever since Halloween was over! Now, Stardoll has brought us more and more Christmas specials to get excited about starting with the Stardoll Christmas count-down Calendar! We receive gifts for everyday we log on starting from December 1st until December 25th! By the look of the Calender, I am guessing we have some brilliant things in stock for us and guess what? They are all free!

One of the second little 'Presents' stardoll has given us is to be able to get superstar membership for a present for Christmas, which isn't such a big thing but I guess it's pretty good for some people. Money making stardoll working their money making schemes again.

Stardoll defiantly has more in store for us, I can sense it! Haha. I will keep checking the *spolier cheat* to see if I can see any sign of Christmas clothes or even Winter clothes. They will most likely be realeased after the sale.

Bye For Now.

What do you think will be given to us in the Calender ?

What type of clothes are you expecting to be realeased ?

Tell us in a comment!


Serena. said...

Hemmm, Last year the gifts from the Advent calendar were ok but this year the presenatation and everything is really great so I guess we will have better gifts... i HOPE! I hope ugg boots are realeased (new ones, not rares from last year.) aswel as some big coats (trench) some sparkling outfits and hats and scarves and things. oh and dont forget the santa outfit ha!

Decade Magazine said...

Merry Christmas!!
new issue coming soon and marie is helping us with it.

love the blog!!

MadWorld said...

the calender stuff is probably all for females but that santa suit sounds good xd

yasas10 said...

''Money making stardoll working their money making schemes again.''

Great sentence!

Dei* said...

I can't wait to get the stuff from the calender since I didn't catch it when they released them early lol

Lizzi_95 said...

Last year I didn't like the calendar so much, but I think this year will be better !

I'm saying a early Merry Christmas!

Dianna(Willow9) said...

i cant find the calender! help!?

Silverbear said...

You said all was free,its not actually,just pointing that out.

Stardoll had a lil "glitch" and reaslesed all the holiday clothes,this is my list of the cost and stuff.

Free:A braclet,flying pig,candles,bells and hanging hearts.

1 $ : a hairclip,necklace,3 baggg,2 pairs of shoes.

2 $ : a blue dress and a pair of hotpants

3 $ : wings (perfect for those starpoint unicorns wings-pay 3 instead of 10$!)and 2 teshirts.

4 $ : 5 LOVELY dresses,and a jacket.

BTW its all glittery. Thats 24 itmes,and on the 25th we have to get money or else Karate Ninja will get very angry.Karate Ninja says he wants to get 20$ or else!