Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, No Drama.

Isn't it strange?
One second gossip blogs have nothing to talk about, the next second the gossip is coming in quicker than lightening!
During this drama packed few days so much has happened. If you missed any bit of goss, do not fear! Marie has it here!
Ps.. I just thought this picture was perfect for this post, haha!
This is where the drama began!
We all know the famous stardoll blog Perezhiltonofstardoll, right? Well, Fag_Puff & team decided to hire a new writer to add some juicyness to the blog. The person they choose was the infamous creator of the burn book. Her first post was suppose to tell why she began the burn book but according to her we already knew that so she decided to give us a little bit of something else that would change stardoll.. alot. What she did? Well, not much just TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE SPOILER CHEAT! Okay, I lied.. she told us alot! She told every reader of Perez's blog (pretty much the population of stardoll.com) how to find the spoilers which we loved seeing on blogs such as SFF. After this she blamed it all on Ellie (fakeshake3). When i read this i did not know who to believe. Ellie or the Burn Book B***ch ? The Burn Book B***ch made is so believable but when i read Ellie's article on theacidcrowd she showed us the pictures of mail between the two and this made her article more believable. To read the article which started this (written by the Burn Book B***ch click here.)
We all have our favourite magazines from all around the stardoll world no matter if it's a presentation magazine or a graphicized magazine and we all wish we could have a great magazine like the magazines we read. We all think, Wow! wouldn't it be great if I owned a sucessful magazine that i could share with my friends and family! The reality of stardoll magazines is that it's hard work, alot of hard work and it's even harder owning a popular magazine! And guess what ? Now, stardoll magazines are breaking up friendships, how stupid, am i right or am i right? The first fall out starts with Steelone (Of Done! Magazine) and Writemarycat (Of Eternity Magazine.) It all started when Sarah (Steelone) posted a top topic in her club talking about the realease date of Done! and how Mary (writemarycat) had chosen the same date for their realease. She makes it look like Mary did this purposly, which I know for a fact she did not. Anyway, Mary then posted a post (which you can read my clicking here) onto eternitydisguise and it mentioned many things including Sarah and Mary's disagreements. For more details on this click here. Will the fight continue or will they kiss and make-up?



Yes, there is even more! This all began when Ellie left a comment about Eternity's latest issue (see below) which i totally disagree with followed by a prompt reply by Mary (see below.)

When I read these comments I could almost feel the tension! In Mary's latest post (read by clicking here) it explains the war between the both of them. The post includes how Ellie had asked to become a staff member at Eternity and also a Covergirl and how Mary had declined both offers. All other info needed are in Mary's latest post in eternitydisguise. Ellie then posted a reply on theacidcrowd to both Mary & Gina. calling them 'silly little girls.' Click here to read it.



The Betrayed.

Another Eternity based drama. I am going to make this one short and snappy because this is my least favourite to write about. Okay, so.. Eternity's promo-cover had been shown on stardollsensations which it should never had and it started caos in Eternity HQ trying to find out which of the E-Team betrayed them? After many suspects they found out who it was (sorry, im not giving names.) The reason I am not giving names is because the person who betrayed them was one of my best friends and I will not be the one to say.. ''Ohhh so and so betrayed them.. What a bad person'' etc etc. Unfortunately, this person was fired due to the Eternity rules. This is quite upsetting yet understandable. Anyway that is all i am saying about this drama! I still love both the Betrayer and the Betrayed. (Random Picture Below.)

This gossip cannot be spoken of just yet but keep checking up on the blog and I will post it as soon as I am allowed to :)
That Is All For Now My Trendsetters!
Hope You Have Enjoyed This Drama Post, Haha!
More Coming Soon.
Btw, This Is Just An Update On The Best Few Days.
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For Now, I Must Love Youu & Leave Youu!


Anonymous said...

''Isn't it strange? One second gossip blogs have nothing to talk about, the next second the gossip is coming in quicker than lightening!'' < I 100% agree with what you said there. All of a sudden this whole drama fest begins out of no where but i must admit, it has been fun to read about. I think that what steelone said to writemarycat (i read it on eternitydusguise.blogspot.com) was unexceptable and rude, especially as they were bfs! I think what fakeshake3 said about eternity was untrue because eternity is nothing like style or teen style. Honestly, i prefer eternity to both (sorry lovers of style and teen style!) even though i love them two magazines also. To be honest, i have never heard of done magazine until now. I dont believe the burn book bitch because i believe ellie didnt give her the spoiler cheat as i also read ellies post on the acid crowd and it had proof, unlike the burn book bitches post. oh wait, is it me or is my comment way to long? hah! i will finish off with a nice little phrase..
No, no drama. we dont want no drama - Fergie, My Humps.
Although i do want drama in this

Hottie-Roshe said...

omg thanks for the catch up! i didnt no any of that... that shows how up-to-date i am on stardoll LOL. i cant believe all this happened and i didnt even know. and the haute gossip part 5.. cant wait ;) hehe.

Dora said...

Rrrr Drama eeeeeeeeeeeeeverywhere. XD

Anonymous said...

a random spongebob the movie picta..

yasas10 said...

It's either:
1) Everybody decided to start a fight and cause chaos because SD was boring.
2) Everybody is in the ''fighting mood''.
Seems like the 2nd one to me.

thereviewer said...

stardoll is back to its usual self.

MadWorld said...


Sugar-magx said...

drama, we want drama! lol

Anonymous said...

You maybe know burn book bitсh?
Well I found ANTI BURNBOOK site! Pls vizit it:


lalagirl said...

i dont like all this drama. too much fighting

Tyrall said...

There is more...
Hate grow hate.


Anonymous said...

This blog is amazing :)