Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Back. (:

Hello Gorgeous.
I'm Back. (:
And glad to be back too.
Sorry that i left in such a hurry and didn't get to tell you all... It all happened in such a hurry. I would never have thought that moving house was so heptic! Haha. Anyway, After many of days packing and unpacking and decorating and sorting I finally had the time to get online. While i was eating my dinner one afternoon i noticed.. Oh My God, i have forgot all about stardoll and i haven't even told them i will be gone for a while. For the rest of that day, while chosing a colour for my new bedroom walls, all i could think of was the blog and how it was going. Luckily, i have the fabulous Heidi working with me and she kept everything up to date. While moving house i did get some time on my laptop for a few minutes but i used that time replying to mails and guestbook comments on stardoll and then i had to reply to mail and comments on other sites also.. then i also had to squeeze in time to see my friends and so much more. I have had such a busy few weeks. Anyway, now i am back in business haha. My very busy few weeks are over and i am ready to relax. Stardoll has changed a bit in the past few weeks.. including the new catwalk. Oh la laa, i like the sound of that.. don't you? Well, I must go. I will see you all later in a post.
Marie xoxox
Above is a picture to keep you all entertained.
What's a post without a picture?
A non-picture post..
I prefer posts with pictures.


Britney ox said...

glad your back!!
missed your posts!!
heidi has done a fab job keeping the blog updated!!
missed you loads marie!!

Hottie-Roshe said...

Yaaaa! Your Back.
Missed You So Very Much!

Roshe x

Funk said...

I'm glad your back! :D

Veronica J. x.Vero.x said...

When you decide to use a picture from my magazine, pease say that it's from my magazine.

And please visit my magazine people!

Heidi-di said...

Welcome back darling!missed you so much!
how's London?

Babii-Mariex said...
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Anonymous said...

i missed you so much, it's unreal. stardoll was so different without you. i missed you so much and i missed our wee chats hehe. soooo glad your back. mhaw mhaw mhaw...


Sara said...

Your Back!
I missed talking ta you!!