Monday, September 1, 2008

Get The Looks And New Playlist!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome with me... The playlist!! This playlist took so much time, it's not the greatest but in order to have a couture layout (Gucci) i had to restrict my choices but's done. The songs are my favourite of the moment with disco, house and Latino rhythms with some r'n'b and pop! I hope you guys like it!Concerning me, i love the Gucci pattern on it and my favourite song there is definitely "wash my world" by Laurent Wolf that incites us all to wash our world (fig) by protecting the environment and not harming our planet Earth ;) oh also "give it 2 me" by Madonna! J'adore. Now dearest, let's get our looks! I made these looks before the weekend but i didn't have time to post'em, so I'm not sure all the steps are correct. After the eccentricity of last time i chose more soft looks but a hint daring and plus make up this time, there's accessories! The first: Floral delicacy

1) Use the light, dark purple and white eyepencil and combine them to get a smoky effect on the inside side of the eye, on the other the Metallic grey eyeliner 2) Put on some black mascara and on the upper eyelid the black eyeliner 3) Display the white eyeshadow on the inside corner and the jumbo eyepencil purple on the outside. 4)A floral headband, diamond earrings and here you go fresh as a flower haha

The second: The Royal Swan

1) Put all the black eyeliner and eyepencil and tons of mascara on all the contour of the eye.

2) Display the white eyeshadow on all the eyelid and then a grey or the dark green (yes it gives this color) carefully till you cover a small area (as you see)

3) Display the lipstick cream pink and over it the lipstick maniac 06.

4) Some royal platinum jewellery adorned with black diamonds from Heidi klum!

When i finished this look, i figured out that my medoll reminds me of a royal swan and that's why i called it so!

That's all for now.

Enjoy the playlist and I'll try to update it soon!




Funk said...

Very nice, I love the white rose headband and you really found the right make-up for it. I would only use a little softer shade of pink. ;)

mini me(LOL) said...

Love it!!
but hay funk,isn't that purple?

Funk said...
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Funk said...

Well I would say it's a bit of purple and pink mixed together I suppose x) I'm not good with colours ha ha I always mix dark blue and black.

Veronica J., x.vero.x said...

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xoxo Veronica J.
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Hottie-Roshe said...

i love ya post!
keep up the good work!