Monday, September 22, 2008

DKNY VS Vivienne Tam

Hey everyone. Today my good friend Roisin asked me which i prefered.. DKNY or Vivienne Tam. I didn't know what to say as i absolutely adore DKNY as it's so unique and gives us something new each time but Vivienne Tam is so fresh and so loveable. Then it hit me.. Idea! I would add a new section to the blog which is.. Public Vote. This is where i create a subject and ask around 10-20 people which they prefer and the results will be posted here. The very first section is... DKNY VS Vivienne Tam and here is what my lucky chosen ones said..
Fayasi - Vivienne Tam. It's fresher, more flowery.. My style totally.
hrvatica_97 - I prefer Vivienne Tam. It's much more colorful, unique && Haute Couture.
hottie-roshe - Wata toughie. Probably Dkny, it has much rarer clothing items and is more city like and i'm a city gal!
Nyangel - I like DKNY because it looks better and it has bags dresses, shirts, and shoes too!! [:
Serena.London - Vivienne Tam because I love all the clothes.

Model-Selena - Honestly, I would rather wear Donna Karan's brand, DKNY, than Vivienne Tam. This doesn't mean that I hate the Vivienne Tam collection. I like it too, but I just prefer DKNY. The reason I prefer DKNY is that, the collection is very original each season, and there is a lot of variety. The pieces Donna Karan designs for the brand are very chic, interesting, and of course fashion-forward. I'd also like to add that I am anxious to see the DKNY Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2008 collection, here on Stardoll.
FASHION-IS-LOV3 - Most defiantly DKNY. How can you question Donna's work. She has so much more unique and runway looks than Vivienne Tam also Donna Karen is far more well known. On the other hand Vivienne Tam is a nice brand and has brilliant designs but compared to DKNY it's material.
Fakeshake3 - Vivienne Tam, there is more of a range, it seems she has a more clear image in her head. DKNY just seems to be a little all over the place. And they create clothes just because they are what other designers are doing. However I hated those Vivienne Tam boots from fall 08!!
Paris.Freche - yeeouch thats a hard one. if i really really had to pick one it would be dkny. why? because just look at the past collections.. magnificent! even tho' the last collection was a kind of mess because of vivienne tam taking over it is still my fav because it's the best at heart! if that makes sense ? lol!
HulaBaby - I prefer Vivienne Tam as its very creative and chic!
Kiwigoesbananas - Mmm hard...i like the DKNY old collections more then the new onesvivienne tam looks amazing...i guess im going for vivienne tam, love the colours, and its sooo inspiring&unique in every way :]

To_Royal - Vivienne Tam. The reason is because i LOVE the colors, patterns and the shape. AND because it has an asian vibe to it and I love asian things :) DKNY is really good and all but not really my style at times
Out of the 12 i asked..
6/12 voted DKNY <
6/12 voted Vivienne Tam >
So i got one person to chose the winner...
xxdrivebylove - I prefer DKNY because the clothing is more subtle and classic. Vivenne Tam is creative, yes, but I like to stick to the old styles.
So, DKNY is our winner this time! Which do you prefer..? Tell us in a comment.


MB Publishing said...

awesum idear.
i prefer dkny too...
so much more city style.. lik me! so i agree with hottie-roshe pretty much.

when's then next public votee ??


Anonymous said...

vivienne tam is ugly.
dkny al da way

yasas10 said...

DKNY old though not this latest junk.

Regina said...

Vivienne Tam is so much more colourful and lifelike while dkny is more dull...
this is just my opinion.

p.s good idea about the public vote.

Jenai XD said...

DKNY gets my vote. XD

I love your blog btw.

Lola.Paris said...

Bonjour My Darlings.
I Must Say I Just J'adore Both Though In Reality I Would Never Wear Vivienne Tam But In Relity I Always Wear Dkny. Emm.. So I Will Go For DKNY.

Mhaw.. Your All Gorgeous x

Lettie97 said...


Nat aka tiatulip said...

I prefer DKNY. The style is soooooo unique! Both rock, but I like DKNY's design, if you know what I mean.

Btw, I love the idea!

Puccapo said...

Hmm. I was under the impression that i actually took part in this vote. Hahaha!

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

You know my comment already :P But.......VIVIENNE TAM ALL THE WAY! :} lol

Funk said...

I prefer DKNY, in case you didn't get that from my first two sentences. ;)

sirenintheshadows said...

I can't choose.
But the new DKNY collections are SOOO not special.
I miss the old ones...
I guess there'll never be "another" Skyscraper.
Vivienne Tam...
It's so unique, fresh...
If the Fall/Winter '08 collection is like the last ones, I'll move to Vivienne's side.