Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Organic Panic!!

Hello Darlings
After the materialistic last themes,filled with gold,pearls,diamonds,gems,luxury haute couture collections including Chanel and Dior,Stardoll decided that it was time to care about earth and to go completely green with a new theme called "Organic Panic" with a new minishop items,a new released clothes including items from Missoni and Dries Van Noten's collections.
I'm very pleased by this theme as an earth lover(not that much but yeah..) and the clothing is very well made apart from the total green old reintroduced items!and the furnitures are gorgeous,i love the new interior!!
And while surfing in the website of Burberry,(the blouse i bought yesterday),i found that Stardoll was inspired by Burberry's trenchcoat to create the Nathalie one found at Stardoll(the boutique),i'm not sure it is the same,but it's very similar!And Oh gosh i love both versions!!

And since,i'm in a very good mood today,i decided to make a research and show you,Dries Van Noten Real creation revealed in his Ready to wear Fall 2008 collection in Paris,and Missoni's one belonging aswell to RTWF2008 but this time revealed in Milan.

Dries Van Noten RTWF2008

Missoni RTWF2008

You can see both complete collections on those links:

Dries Van Noten-->


And be expecting a Total go green and earth lovers looks for "get the looks "later,with all this environmental craze,i can only say Alleluia!!




Serena. said...

Wow heidi, what an excellent post you have giving us today. Filled with so much. I loved reading it. I can't wait for the 'Get the looks' make-up section for going green today, i will defiantly try it out when it's posted.


lil-bit-me said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new theme. i am world MAD i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE looking after the world i LOVE it so much. i LOVE the new intereior even morree.

ohhh and ... them clothes are gorgeousssssxxxxx

Hottie-Roshe said...

i really like the new theme especially the interior but most of the clothes are very very ugly. when are you posting 'get the looks?' thats one of my favourite parts of this blog.. you do a great job! i also love the interviews that marie does. they're my two fav parts and i also love the featuring and stardoll news. anyway see you later, and dont be shy.. visit my blog ++++ comment!

yasas10 said...


trendsetterslovaa said...

Lovely post Heidi!I adore the Burbery(Natalie) trenchcoat!and seriously your blog is getting better day after day!
Welldone marie and Heidi!

Amalia* said...

great post!
If u get to see it, the trench is actually an altered version of the "Cheap & Chic Moschino trench" on Amy Adams

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Amalia* said...

check out []
you'll love it!