Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stardoll News: Catwalk eh?

After a first day of Ramadan, fasting all the day and finally at the sunset, eating my pizza with seafood, some shrimp pastilla and Moroccan pancakes, i logged in to stardoll and then my surprise! There's a new feature called "CATWALK"! Not the one on the side where superstars pass over and over, no it's totally new!
I was so excited! When i arrived to the "CATWALK" i found out that it's about rating the dolls that we save in our albums, the best rated rules the catwalk and the following are qualified as stylish!
it's just great!and the idea is totally original....huh? NOPE! Stardoll sort of copied dressupchallenge.com 's idea of rating makeovers!
Well, it is common to stardoll to copy and i have nothing against it as long as we have fun!
I'm actually more revolted against another thing, the outfit that rules the runway... look by yourself....
Oh gosh, i can't believe it, from the millions of original outfits,the one that rules our catwalk is...hideous, effortless and unwearable in stardoll public!


Funk said...

Cool, but that outfit is really sad. :l


Anne said...

I'm agree with you !!!

In stardoll, there is tons of good style !!

And why the "PERFECT LOOK" is this ??

Horrible ! .

.xxx Anouch10 in stardoll. =)

Babii-Mariex said...

Oh, very exciting.

And yes, totally agree with the outfit comment.. effortless.

SayGrace said...

OhMiGosh That outfit is horrible. The outfit describes people without money. You know like those people who haven't been on SD for like 24 months or something.

Hazy_Cloud121 said...

Happy Ramadan sweetpea...im so late i only just realised haha...

Lots of love,