Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get The looks!

Hey darlings! It's Heidi in the place! Late today i realized it passed a long time since i posted some looks, so i decided to go to the sephora make up section and try up something when i got...those looks!! The first is inspired by.....the DKNY sequin t-shirt dress and also a dark desire of luminous darkness haha! 1) Trace the contour of the eye with the white eye pencil and over it the Kat Von D grey eyeliner and spread both mascaras 2) Display the Kat Von D charcoal eyeshadow many times on the inside area of the eye and many layers the jumbo eye pencil purple to create a contrast and a metallic effect. 3) Go to splendid and get some accessories to complete the look, accentuate the metallic effect and add a touch of glamour with a golden head band and mega sparkling huge diamond earrings. For the second encore in the dark glamour theme. I decided to make it more creative, more runway-ish but unlike the first one. The latter is un peu difficult.oh and when i ended it, i felt that my medoll looked like a retro Grecian goddess.

1) Trace the contour of the eye with the white eye pencil(as for the first) and over it the metallic green eye liner and both black mascaras

2) Spread the Kat Von D metallic blue eyeshadow on the inside zone of the eyelid untill the color is clearly blue, on the other display the Jumbo eye pencil Flesh many times till it's deadly orange letting an empty area between the blue and orange.

3) On the empty zone, display one layer of the blue eyeshadow and over it the Jumbo eye pencil beige!

4) For more Glamour and sophistication combine the blue headband and the hot buys head band and here you go!! Direction: NY fashion week or the Olympe?

I hope you like those looks! I have to go now, I'm super tired...aahh it has been a long shopping day and I'm hearing my cosy bad calling....haha

Oh i almost forgot, I'm dedicating this post to...the best,the greatest, The one without who i couldn't post those looks......my computer's printscreen option!

Till next time Ciao

Also HK Best dressed coming soon!!




Sarah-xo said...

Oh My Jesus!It's So Creative!I Love Both.

Anonymous said...

wow it's your best lookies ever!i prefer the 1st,but the 2nd is gud too

Hottie-Roshe said...

Your best yet Heidi. Fab, i love them. I'm going to use them on my medoll! My medoll is hottie-roshe oh and don't forget to visit my blog!

Regina said...

wow i love them. keep up the great work. your so creative.

lil-bit-me said...

i wish i was superstar so i could have them awesome looks.....


Paris.Freche said...

oh la la.
perfecto darling.
moi jadore

Funk said...

I love the first one, but the second's really genius! xo


Heidi-di said...

owh thank you darlings!