Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TeenStyle Released.

Yesterday, the first part TeenStyle September/October issue was released and on the cover the wonderful Mary Walkerson, our dear Mary, who looks just fabulous on the cover in an unusual original look combining floral prepster with the skirt, a chic rock with the boots and adding the glamour with the Chanel clutch and bracelets! The background is so beautiful, a natural landscape! Ah-Mazing and the articles sounds interesting!
Our darling Mary totally deserved it and I'm starving to read her interview!
Unfortunately, we'll have to wait some weeks since Selena and Style have only published the cover, contents and the Editor's Letter. The rest will be published every Monday in the rhythm of an article every once.
Congrats Style and Selena!
And HUGE congratulations to Mary!


Funk said...

Yep, I already wrote about it on my blog.
I love the cover, Mary looks gorgeous.


Babii-Mariex said...

Mary is the most fabulous covergirl they could have chose. She is perfect.

Mary looks stunning on the cover and the magazine looks great.