Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exclusive Interview With Star_Awards

Hello Linda. Why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself ?
Well, I'm a girl with different personalities, lol, but I'm very friendly and funny once you get to know me. I love learning about Art History and also love writing.
You say you love writing, is this one of the reasons why you started The Star Dose and if not, what did ?
Yes, it's one of the reasons I started TheStarDose
Your passion for writing started TheStarDose, What began The Star_Awards and what ended it?
The Star_Awards was started to award those with talent and to give regonition to those who deserved it. But the awards ended due to my lack of inspiration with most of the members, stardoll isn't what it used to be anymore and it just doens't feel right doing and award show anymore.
How do you think stardoll has changed and what do you think caused this change?
It's now turned into some kind of wresting ring, in which everyone is out to get you. It's full of negative energy and drama. And stardoll has made playing this game even harder for non-superstars.
I know what you mean. It's very unfair but stardoll is also full of many brilliant things. What would be your favourite thing on stardoll ?
The only thing I like about stardoll is having your own suite and being able to create wantever you want. But stardoll is kind of a rip off in my case because it won't let me use the StarDesign and my Suite Chat doesn't work. But the reason I come on almost everyday is for the friends that I've made.
Yes, friends are a big part of stardoll. Now, lets get to know a bit more about you. What do you do in your free time and what are your favourite hobbies ?
Well, I usually go out with my friends, out to school football games or shopping and stuff. My favorite hobbies are bicycling and drawing.
How would you describe your style and is there anyone who you look up to style wize?
I have different styles, but I guess I mostly have a retro funky style, I mostly get inspired my different things and people, I don't really know much about fashion, lol.
You may not know alot about fashion but you are a definate trendsetter! That is we chose you to interview. Finally, to finish off the interview.. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be and why?
To be honest, I don't know, lol.
Haha! Now to finish off our final part of the internet.. The this or that!
Silver OR Gold Silver
Stardoll Blogs OR Stardoll Magazines Stardoll Blogs
Real Celebs OR Real Brands Real Celebs
DKNY OR Vivienne Tam Vivienne Tam
Coke OR Pepsi Pepsi
Designer OR Highstreet Highstreet
Brains OR Beauty Brains
Stardoll OR Other Site Stardoll

During my interview with Linda i got to know her alot more. Linda is a kind, loyal friend who has a unique, daring style which we love! She is a definate trendsetter in our eyes and she has a great personality and her outfits always make me smile. Linda is going down in stardoll history!


Anonymous said...

i love linda! shes so funny and nice. great interview i really enjoyed it. when will the next interview be and who with?? i love them!!

Hottie-Roshe said...

excellent interview. really interesting and i learnt lots more about star_awards (linda). keep those interviews coming because we all love em.

roisin x

remember to visit my blog. ;)

The Star Dose said...

thanks, I had fun giving the interview, lol!

Anonymous said...


Heidi-di said...

I loved the interview!especially the last part!
Linda is so spontaneous and true to herself,it made the interview so enjoyable ^^

lil-bit-me said...

i have never chatted with star_awards before but she seems really really nice and down to earth im gona request her.

lil-bit-me said...

i have never chatted with star_awards before but she seems really really nice and down to earth im gona request her.

Paris.Freche said...

Great interview. i really enjoyed it!

emmalou.x said...

awesome interview. linda rules and the stardose rocks and so does sd-trendsetters! my 2 fav bloggers :P