Friday, September 26, 2008

Get the looks and Updates.

Hello darlings!

I have another get the looks on the way but before that, did you see the outfits that will come in VT's next collection? Those that were most voted by all the stardollians, I personally voted for one or two, my favourites were the dresses n°15 and n°22!

Which ones are your favourites and are you satisfied by the results of the vote? Also do you like the winning dress n°38 in black? Personally I like it, but it has an air of deja vu!and a little too ordinary, not a dress that stand out in the crowd!

And in the category of the news, today the stardollar purchases value was doubled, whatever is the amount of stardollars you buy.. you got it doubled! Plus a cute free dress tempting ehh?

Now to our looks!

For this make up session, I created two looks inspired by the deep ocean's contrasts and colors, that vary between mysterious darkness and shining beauty!

The first symbolizes the treasures of the ocean with gold and precious pearls, and the calm blue azure water, that sparkles when the sun rays are reflected on it. Let's move to the steps!

1) Trace the contour of eye with the white eyepencil and over it the Kat Von D silver eyeliner .

2) Display both mascaras and some Eyebrow pencil Khaki on the eyebrows to soften the look!

3) Spread the Jumbo eyepencil blue on the outside area of the eyelid, then the Jumbo eyepencil Flesh and over it the Kat Von D Cornsilk eyeshadow on the inside are of the eye to have a glowing golden effect.

4) Acessories are playing a major role in this look, it makes it shine and scintillate and also add some glamour and wit on it, the choosen accessories are from CC chanel released jewellery collection at Splendid for 5 sd or less plus of course the must have headband,that go with all the looks and that you can purchase for only 3sd.

The second look is inspired from the ocean's anger and darkness, when the waves revolt and the thunder rumbles. I have used dark colors represented by royal indigo and a grey-ish blue mixed with a tiny flash of light that consists in the touch of white.

1) Display the white eyepencil, and tons of mascara!

2) Spread the Kat Von D Rad purple eyeshadow, using many layers on the outside zone of the eyelid and the Jumbo eyeshadow blue using only one layer! And Voila..rumble and snarl only by small look at your opponent! I hope it's not me haha!

hat is all for now! And oh god today is my first day of school, and Monday i have the end of Ramadan holidays!




yasas10 said...

The 1st is gorge!
Well Done!

Anonymous said...

oh dear... the makeup is just.. hideous!

Dressing9900 said...

It's called being unique, Whatever ur name is. I love it!!

Jenna.xx said...

oh dear ano,hideousness might be sticking to your!so you see everything hideous as your own self.
The looks are gorgeous!and i like best the first!and i love the VT dress,wish i won one!
XOXO muaahh

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

I love the red one! :}

And the purple with blue is soooo good! I might try it! :}}

Hottie-Roshe said...

the vt outfits are lovely and the get the looks is gorgeous as usual!