Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stardoll Updates.

Hey everyone! It's Marie.
Okay, so there's a few things to tell you about the blog and stardoll.
Firstly, Just incase you didn't know already, you can get a free dress in the stardoll cinema by watching the trailer for the new movie (coming this fall) called Igor.
This is what the dress looks like:
What do you think of it?
I think it's nice enough.
I don't know what to think of it but it will be great for stardoll fancy dress parties.
It reminds me of the days when i was only a toddler, I dressed up in my mom's clothes and put lots of different pieces together.. it looked terrible but it was lots of fun. Then i would run around the house like a mad man and pretend i was tarzan haha! Aww good times. Anyway.. tell us what you think of it in a comment.
Second of all stardoll must be desperate for stardollars! WHY? Gosh, look at the amount of Voile Dresses they have been giving to non-superstars in the past month-2 months and guess what? They have even started giving them to superstars to. This is what i got in my mailbox today...

I love when stardoll gives you something in return as I top-up on my stardollars quite often and getting a free dress along with it does not bother me haha! Anyway it is totally worth buying stardolls as when this offer is over this dress will be uber rare and you'll probably get $60 for it.

Finally, there is a new tab in the stardoll mailing section. It is Updates (as seen below.)

When i seen this i got curious and decided to click on it thinking i would get lots of updates about the stardoll world but..

Nothing was there.. empty. I wonder what is it. Anyone know? Any ideas? Make sure to tell us.. we're dying to know haha.

Anyway that's pretty much it for now. Just some updates to keep you all tuned in with the stardoll world.

Also, i have a great idea for the blog where you can all get involved but i have to discuss it with Heidi first.

Over && Out..

Marie Ox


Anonymous said...

The dress is very cool (HH).

i think stardoll is losing money and want us to buy more so they are giving us free dresses. its kinda of pathetic of em, dnt cha fink?

and... i have no idear what the updates tab is about buh ill be sure ta tell you if i find out.

fankz for the updatesss..
keep up da gd wrk.


karlek25 said...

is upadates tab are respones to your messages in someonyes guestbook

Serena. said...

I Think The Dress Is Not Very Useful In Anyway And It Isn't Nice To Look At Either. Tarzan, Haha Your So Funny. Moving Onto Your Second Topic, The Free Voile Dresses. I Absolutly Agree With You, Free Dresses Do NOT Bother Me Haha. Finally The Update Tabs I Am Not Sure But Karklek25 (Above Me) Said It's For Gb Replies, I'll Take Her Word For It. Also I Can't Wait To Find Out About This Idea For The Blog Which We Can Get Involved In.


Anonymous said...

Can you write a post on why the bigbookoffashion is gone? plzzzzzzzz

yasas10 said...

The tab is there to tell you when you have a new guestbook comment, there is a new top spot topic or there is a scenery that someone wants you to check out/you've been featured in.

Babii-Mariex said...

Darling, the big book of fashion is defiantly not gone. Do not worry.

Muah Ox

Anonymous said...

thank god cus i cnt wait for the book to come out. it sounds so BRILLIANT! and i know you'll do a great job!!

lil-bit-me said...

i got the dress!!! thanks for telling me

Hottie-Roshe said...

my opinions:
free dress: i agree with you i dunno what to think of it!
free voile dresses for stardollers: stardoll are sooo desperate for stardollars its unreal. but getting a free dress is good for us. i love it!
new updates tab: its for updates on sceneries your in, topics, gb replies ect ect. you know that know anyway!

roshe xxxxxxxxxx