Friday, September 12, 2008

Chanel invades Stardoll & More.

Oh My God! I'm in love and I'm living the perfect amour! The new Chanel items are the lucky guy haha.
You must have heard of it in every blog and every disucssion today, but do you realise that it's a virtual miracle! Have you ever dreamed of owning a Chanel? Yes,we all want it, but we all don't get it! Today, stardoll realised the dream of many fashionistas around the world from the deep far Morroco to the hollywoodian hills in USA! I might be exaggerating.. Am i? We can own a clutch, belt or hat from the most luxurious, iconic house of couture in the history of Fashion by a simple click for a super duper affordable price 3 to 5 sd that will glitze our medolls outfit and grace it making of a simple outfit---> a couture one and of course hopeless cases excluded! While all this Chanel Craze and frankly before, i realized something that first freaked me out and it's...that i love my medoll and consider it in a way as a part of moi or of my family, exactly as i did with my barbies when i was 8, dressing it and brushing the hair and playing roles with friends as in a tea party or such with our barbies dressed in Gala or cocktail just like we all do with our medolls! Don't you just love yours? I bet you do! Back to Chanel, I'll be spotting people with Chanel clothing or accessories and the best will be featured in a best dressed list in the blog as soon as possible! Also, the said IT BAG was released with Missmej as a winner! The bag is such a piece of rack, ugly colors and a weird shape. They could've worked more on it. Don't you think? Well, that is all for now. Oh and if you like our blog and have a blogger account, don't forget to add it to your following list so you can see the updates and stuff every time you log on and if you already didn't, join our club SD-Trendsetters owned by Marie and managed by moi (obvious huh?), the wonderful Isabella and the marvellous Noelle! Our blog is running now for less than a month and half and we have over 300 members yay! Thank you so much to those who joined and who support us day after day!and to all the blogs that added ours to their favourties list. Thank you! Love you all! And we might have a party celebrating it soon ^_^ xx Heidi


Funk said...

I love them! But I'm short on stardollars, naturally, when money gets in my hands it dissapears very quickly. :l

rute_xox said...

I love the new clothes & accessories. My favorites are the bags. I adore both of them.

Don't forget to check out my Doll's outfit!


sf.magazine said...

Chanel rocks my sox!!
and i love your medoll,but not much mine,i never find the it hair style,eyes or lips:)

Paris.Freche said...

Oh my gosh, i love them so much it is unreal. My dream has come true

noelle_page said...

Wonderful Post! Ü

You are able to put into words what most of us were too speechless to say...

While they (Stardoll) is at it, I just think it's time to come out with a Louis Vuitton collection. Now that will be pure haven as well.

rute_xox said...

My doll isn't wearing the Chanel clothes anymore, but i saved the look in my album (page 11)