Sunday, September 21, 2008

October Is Done!

Yes, another issue and another success!
Steelone, the talented artist and magazine editor has created the IT issue, youthful, deep and delightful for a month that promises rain, clouds, trench coats and umbrellas! With a very innovative section which is the photoshoot as we all love graphics and some don't have time or patience to read the articles, Sara proposed a set of astonishing pictures starring Dina (verojun) in glamorous haute couture ensembles and with some stunning graphics!
The Cover Girl of this issue is Amelie(Delacroix) who starred in a very Parisian photo shoot on the side of Parisian iconic monuments, in gorgeous dresses accessories and poses accompanied of a very interesting interview.
I wished this issue had more articles because it is kind of short and i want to read and see more... more...and more!
Well, you can find it at
Don't forget to comment on the website and to join the club Done.magazine, knowing that readers support is important for every editor!
And I can't miss pointing out Sara's outfit, that is truly wonderful and marvelously creative!When i first saw it, i asked my the hell did she make it? Isn't it pure Art!

Really well done, it just cheers my day to see such great magazines blowing on stardoll!



P.S Do you know guys where did Dreamma,the person of the month of our club go? I tried to go to her page, but didn't find it!

UPDATE BY MARIE: Dreamma now has a new account named DiamonD-Diiva :)


Undamyumbrellla said...

The ideas are so original and the graphics are fantastic! Also, I was talking with Steelone earlier today and I have to say that she is such a sweet girl!

Dreamma has a new account named DiamonD-Diiva :)

Paris.Freche said...

the graphics were AMAZING! this month and the articles... FABULOUS! steelone did a GREAT! job.


amy-babyeex said...

wow i just read that mag and it's one of the best i have ever seen.. no joke. props to the team its amazing... amyyyy ooooxxxxoxo

thereviewer said...

Done Magazine is a very sucessful magazine of

This issue inpressed me alot. The graphics were spot on and they looks fabulous.

There should have been alot more articles and there were some misspelled words.

Other than that it was brilliant. Well done.

Anonymous said...

it was way too short but the graphics are the best ive ever seen

Dora said...

Dreamma didn't make a new account, she just changed her nickname. :) And about Done! magazine...Oooh I'm crazy about it :D

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

I love it !