Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get The looks: Go Green.

Hey Gorgeous! It's Heidi again. Want your looks, eh? You gonna get them darling! This 'get the looks" was inspired by the go green and organic craze going on stardoll right now!The first was inspired by the earth, the second ocean with a little bonus which a third flora inspired look :) Well, lets begin.. The First Look: Earth This look was inspired by our Planet earth colors, blue and green which are the colors of life! 1)Display Metallic Green Eyeliner and over the dark green eyepencil, without covering the inside corner of the eye! 2) On the empty corner, trace the contour with white eye pencil and diplay two layers of mascara to have to strong sight. 3) On the inside area, display the Jumbo eyepencil blueand on the outside the light green eyeshadow (both many times to have a clear colour) 4) To accessorize continue in the go green and use the planet Earth earring.

The Second Look: The Ocean

This look was inspired by the oceans contrasted colors and symbols, once calm and peaceful and the other violent, wild and dangerous.

1) Display the Metallic green eyeliner and teal blue eye pencil,on all the eye except the inside corner.

2) Trace the contour with the white eye pencil on the empty inside corner and black mascara on the whole eye!

3) Spread the Jumbo eyepencil Blue on the inside half of the eyelid; and Kat Von D Leather brown eyeshadow on the outside area many time till you have the desired tone.

4) To add a youthful and graceful touch to the look accessorize it with the light grey headband.

The Third Look: Wild exotic Flora

This look as you can guess is inspired from exotic flowers that we can find in the Amazon and scintillates of cheerful colors and gives a warm sensation and also that could imagined on the mythological Amazones.

1) Display the white eyepencil on the extreme inside corner of the eye, then Metallic blue mascara and the Blue eyepencil on the contour of the eye without touching the white area.

2) Use both mascara, Black and Volume black to thick your lashes and trace the lips with the Maniac Lipstick 13.

3) On the outside area of the eyelid spread many layers of the Jumbo eyepencil flesh, then on the opposite side display two times the Jumbo eyepencil purple.

4) Since it's exotic, wild and especially inspired from Flora.. Accessorize this look with the leafs headband and for some glamour use the gold headband and flower pearl earrings.

That was all for today!

Go Green And Look wonderful !




Emma Thoompson said...

Thank you very much.
I love this kind of post..


yasas10 said...

The 1st one is... beautiful

Funk said...


Dora said...

Heidi knows the best! (:

I love `em all, especially the first one!

BEAUTiiFUL.x3 said...

wow they look fab.
great looks..
im sooo gona try em out

SF.magazine said...

I adore those looks!the first and second best;
Rita Xo