Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weird Eh?

Hey Everyone.
I just thought you might like to see this..
Well, i was on my friend's page and i saw this:

So your thinking, big deal? Past visitors.. what's so big about that?

Look at the 5th medoll down, See it?

Now, look at her username.

It's like a skype number and a flag picture and a phone picture. How strange?

When you click on it, it doesnt bring you to her suite.. it brings you to this skype thing.

I clicked on her picture and it brought me to her suite.

Click here to visit it this strange username and see it for yourself.

I thought stardoll didn't let more than 7 number after eachother in usernames or in anything actually.

Emm.. strange. Maybe there was a glitch at the time.

What do you think?


lil-bit-me said...

that is like really weird!!
how did she do that??

Eamon007 said...

emmmm thats really cool to be able to do that.
must av been a glitch as u said.
im gona visit it now..

thereviewer said...

that is extremely strange. don't you think? i am going to look at this and try to find out how she did this.

Anonymous said...

lol thats really cool!
i want my username to be like that.

Dora said...

I don't know...Do you have Skype? Maybe Stardoll is working with it. Lol.

Anyway, NO, I can't see it, and none of my friends can, I think there are two reasons:

1.Maybe SD knows when a computer has Skype so if this user that you visited registered with skype or so...Oh well I'm not sure you get me!! :D

2. You are from USA, and you can see it, I'm from Europe, Croatia, and I can't. Nor do I have Skype. Maybe that? =//

I really don't know, this has confused me a lot now...

Anonymous said...

wow thats weird.
i want it hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Thats Weird but if thats a real phone numba its quite dangerous!