Friday, September 5, 2008

Heidi Klum By Jordache Out!

-Heidi Klum by Jordache-
As i went to the starplaza to see if there's something new and... boum bang bang! I found that there's 2 new collections out which are Heidi Klum by Jordache that i love! Very chic but streetwise and comment! I love Heidi Klum's collection, the pieces are well designed and the cutout very edgy and chic..exactly what we all want! while Jordache in the boutique's second floor is could i put it without being mean... aha ordinary! Personally, i dress normally in real life. Why would i in stardoll wear similar, i want haute couture, glamorous creations, gala live the fantasy, the dream of fashion! Also, "Jordache" is...nothing alike! Thank god i can still confort my self with Vivienne Tam! haha Enjoy the new collection!!! Oh, also the YSL Hot Buys Jacket was released. i ADORE it
What do you think of the new collection? xx Heidi


Anonymous said...

I love HK by Jordache!

Funk said...

Hmmm I like Jordache by Heidi Klum, but I don't like the ordinary one. And the HB jacket is adorable!

Hottie-Roshe said...

Well, im going to be honest here.

Jordache.. Ugly.
HK.. Gorgeous!

Who agrees?

stardoll blog said...

Im in!

Anonymous said...

The HB Purple Ruffle Jacket is actually designed by Proenza Schouler