Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heidi Klum/Jordache Best Dressed.

Hey everyone. I know you have been waiting for this best dressed list for a few days now and here it is.. Enjoy.
Gina looks great in her unique rock chick outfit. She uses each piece of clothing perfectly to create the dream outfit which deserves a place on the best dressed list. She mixes and matches her clothes and accesories very very well and overall looks fab! 10/10


Mary looks so chic in her stylish Heidi Klum/Jordache outfit. Mary uses her accesories brilliantly to add that special touch to her outfit. The thing i love about Mary is that you never know what she will come up with next.. this time she has come up with another fabulous outfit. And you gotta love them suspenders haha! 10/10


Miss Haute Couture 2008 in my eyes! Yna looks absolutely gorgeous in this outfit, which must have took a while to create. Her outfit is made up of layering a few tops and dresses aswel as adding some uber chic accesories. Yna always has something hot hot hot up her sleave and this outfit is a definate hot hot hot. 10/10


In my opinion this is one of the most brilliant outfits i have ever seen Yasmin in! Not only is she using her uber fresh layering talents but also her unique, funky style to add accesories. Yasmin looks gorgeous and defiantly deserves to be in the best dressed list! 10/10


Adrienn goes for the jaw-dropping office girl look this time and she's pulled it off. She looks brilliant and defiantly got a jaw-dropping outfit. I love it. It's not too plain and it's not too much.. perfecto! Enough said.. Fantastic! 10/10


Nora makes it look so easy with her oh so chic outfits. Nora's outfit looks great on her medoll and she goes for the city look (Which looks fab!). Her outfit makes it onto the best dressed list with a 9/10! Congrats.


Bethany and Ashwey (Joined owners of the account) have done a great job pulling together this outfit for their medoll. Their medoll looks so chic (as always) in this summery outfit and hits the big 10/10 in the best dressed list! Also, why not visit Couture.Models and become a model. It's a great agency.


Veronika did it again! Another fantastic outfit which we all love love love! This outfit is one of my favourties in this best dressed list, absolutely j'adore it. Veronika is always coming up with outfits which make me stop and stare and guess what? This is one of them. 10/10


Maria looks fantabulous (Fantastic and Fabulous in one word) in this outfit. It looks perfect for a party or a night out with friends and would defiantly get the boys looking and the girls jealous haha! Maria is a definate fashionista and i just adore her personality and style. She hits the big 10 in this list! 10/10

Congratulations to everyone who made the list! You all deserved it.

Which outfit was your favourite? Comment and let us know!

Didn't Make the List?

Do not fear, Heidi is currently creating a Chanel best dressed list so get that Chanel clothing (From Voile) on you and you could be featured next! And the best thing is.. The chanel clothing is for superstar and non-superstar so everyone has a chance getting featured!

That's all for now.



stardolls fashionista leanne.x3 said...

congratulations :)
you all did a fab job with the outfits. i love writemarycats the best!

Paris.Freche said...

0hh they look stunning. I can't chose my favourite.. probably... emm.. kiwigoesbananas and yasas10! They all look great 'do.

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visit them x

yasas10 said...

OMG Thanks both of you guys!!
Btw I'm Yasmine

yasas10 said...
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thereviewer said...

They All Look Very Nice Indeed. My Most Favourite Must Be The Wonderful WriteMaryCat And In Second, Modelisous. All Of Them Look Gorgeous Though. Well Done. Chanel Best Dressed, I Can't Wait.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring me in ur blog :)i feel honoured
i either cant choose who is my favorite, i love them all :]

x Veronika

Mimi_Mami said...

Hi Trendsetters :)

I love all the outfits and thanks for including me!


Heidi-di said...

congrats to all the featured!!
My fav are def kiwi, xHaute_couturex,and Gina!
well done everyone!!

Nat (tiatulip 4 those SD ppl) said...

Love mimi_mami, writemarycat and yasas10!

Way to go, peeps! Hey Yas, you're featured...

they all look great, tho. Lol. And yeah, PLEASE do a Chanel list. =) [i am NOT in]

Cool website! You're in my faves.

rute_xox said...

Congratulations everyone =D

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have seen better!

Anonymous said...

love em!

Serena. said...

Gosh they all look gorgeous. Just like models.

Serena. said...

Oh and my favourite has to be... all of them! They are all equally beautiful. Inside and out.