Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Party Party Party TODAY!

Hey everyone. As you know, this blog is currently shutdown but that doesn't mean we can't inform our brilliant readers about the latest parties, right? Well, this party is summer themed so get your bathing suits, flipflops or whatever on and come on down for a great time. Date: Weds. 8th July (Today) Time: 18:00 GMT (6pm GMT) Where: Babii-Mariex guestbook Theme: Summer! Dress in your fave summer looks! Why: To have a good time ! Hope to see you there!


Susannah123 said...

Awh, I Missed It. :'(

Emma said...

Hi Mariiie!
I really miss the blog,I hope that Heidi and you will consider doing a trendsetters revival,
I guess not tho' :'s
-*mwah , Emzz

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Greta said...

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Anonymous said...

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