Monday, December 8, 2008

Holidays Are Coming!

Tiz the season to be jolly, la la la la laaa (8)
So, why am I mad ?
Stardoll has re-realeased.. again!
Look familar ?
These clothes were realeased last year as the Christmas clothing!
Maybe, it's not a big deal.. but I wanted new clothes for the season of giving. Did you ?
Stardoll, be kind.. give us something we want, that we DON'T already have.
Very much appreachiated.
Ok, so stardoll has realeased some new clothing which I am pleased with including the Winter Princess/Fairy clothing. Most of the clothing in this section is nice but some pieces are just useless. My favourite is the dress below. Reason ? Well, it looks like it could do some awesome layering work :)
What do you think of the infamous re-realeasing and the new realeases ?
Tell us in a comment!
Before you go remember to collect your $3 shirt from the Holiday Calender :)
Bye For Now,
Marie xxxxx


Regina said...

typical stardoll rerealeasing clothes!! they have already got us mad by rerealeasing rares, now this!! im going on strike, oh wait we already tried that.. any other ideas?? lol. i love that dress u showed.. gr8 for layerin! and the holiday calendar gift looks like a cheap stardesign top! lol.

Missfashionqueen1 said...

Stardoll should really make new clothes. I think they should hire mario and let him make some stylish winter clothes! he'd be better than the whole staff put together, no joke!

Eamon007 said...

re-realeasing is pointless. it just makes people bored and mad. stardoll should get off their lazy bum cheeks and do some work!

yasas10 said...

Not so fabulous!

Hottie-Roshe said...

i agree with everyone. stardoll should get up and make some new clothes instead of using the same ones year after year!

Hunnigall said...

Those clothes are kind of Stardoll tradition. Any really old members will remember them being released most Christmases - I'm sure this is the third time I've seen them! Lol, oh well. Maybe they'll do the new StarDesign thing soon to make up for it?

- Hunni x x x

arna-rut said...


Okay, im a simpsons NERD :P Even tho i dont know how the sentance's are written i write what i hear xD BUT I LOVE THE SIMPSONS ^^,

arna-rut said...

Man i love speaking about stuff that has nothing to do with the topic ^^,

Anonymous said...

You have to update often,
and write about some gossip.
This blog is geting B-O-R-I-N-G !

--Beautyxxx said...

anonymous, this is a fashion blog not a gossip blog. and for your information, this blog is amazing. i'd like to see you do better miss anonymous.. or mr .. or whatever lol.

Anonymous said...

promise, I'll do so
much better !

Gina..xo said...

Maaaannnn! Thats like the fourth xmas running, now! Change the record with the clothes!

Stardoll: Bellet1 said...

I'm with Anonymous.
This blog is getting
way to boring and pointless.