Monday, February 16, 2009

DKNY Vs...DKNY!?..The Dilemma

In a desire of taking a moment to discover new fashion shows and admire the magnificence of some collection, I ran towards the ultimate website,if you're aiming to a similar aim. So as, i arrived there, an appealing title catched my attention, "match play DKNY's polished spin", behind this title,and the link it directs to,i discovered a mind blowing collection, a set of womanly forms, cuts and colors , composed of suits,jackets and dresses that makes the eyes and mind believe in a vision of the 30's and 40's style, mixed with our era's fashion values, giving an astonishing touch to this collection.
But yet, i did not express my point.
As we all know and noticed, a few days or weeks ago,the DKNY collection intended to be for the stardollians was released. Poor, effortless and certainly not worth the long months, that we all waited guessing, predicting and wondering how fabulous this collection would be. It certainly have some interesting pieces, but even with those, the "cheap" aspect of the collection ain't be obliterated.
The last DKNY collections released on stardoll, were certainly a victim of a bad choice or a horrible taste, letting the stunning outfits and outstanding garments apart,and making a poor stardollian version, that includes the ones that are not of any interest.
Where are the collections,that conquered the heart of million of girls(and boys) of our society?where are those amazing details, and wonderful patterns?...Gone..Baby...Gone!
Are you still expecting any good from this brand? Is there yet, any place in our heart for DKNY with all the other successful real brands as VT or the amazing Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti?Could we hope for an astonishing comeback to Stardoll?
Share your thoughts and opinion with us trough your comments!


John said...


lynn.x said...

I completely agree,DKNY is losing the glam.

MissDiorFashion said...

I totally agree. I hate the way stardoll is making the most recent dkny collections! I wish they made dresses and outfits like the scuba, skyscraper and all the rest in the quilty they used to!

Britney ox said...

I still think the DKNY collection is kind of good but not AS good as before. I hope sd makes a big comback =]!

GossipRoyalty said...

Stardoll's real brand ''collections'' have always sucked! There's no point in hoping they'll get better.. they never will.

Anonymous said...

they should hire mario, his collections are 100% better than stardolls!!

see_my_bling said...

Maybe Stardoll will skip the dkny fall collection again and have us wait until spring. The fall collections require much more work and effort. There's jackets, boots, shoe, dresses, pants, and more things than there are for spring.