Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Happy Birthday, Barbie! What a doll she is too.
Miss Barbie, herself has recently turned 50 and celebrations have occured, even on stardoll!

Barbie has hit the Runway in some of her most memorable outfits in New York fashion week to celebrate her big 5-0! The outfits are so adorable and as you can see, the Fashion show went amazingly. (For Barbie's sake, I even created a ''kind of'' graphic in the picture above, LOL!)

Stardoll has celebrated Barbie's Birthday by a video dedicated to the dollface, herself and when you watch it you get this adorable dress!
Barbie may not be 'your thing' but whoever you are, you have to admit, Barbie has made Fashion history and will be continue to be fabulous and be remembered in History for a long time!


MissDiorFashion said...

I love the barbie collection from NY fashion week and the stardoll dress is so cute!

Regina said...

I love the barbie collection in real life and stardoll are sweeeeet for giving us the dress for free. I would have thought they would have sold it for like $20 because they know we would probably buy it!

Mary | Eclipse said...

I'd love to look like that on my 50!!!

Anonymous said...

stardoll staff r sucking up to fashion-realated things again to make them look like their site is all fashion!!!!

Sugar-magx said...

lol mary, i agree!

Beverly said...

Barbie will never lose her touch!

Britney ox said...

i have millions of barbie dolls at home from when i was a kid! then, my grandmother taught me how to sow and now i make my own outfits for them and design their hair and stuff. i have like a whole collection of my own its so fun!

Heidi said...

I always loved barbies, and the dress is fabulous,so dolly!!

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

The dress is like a Barbie version of the Museum Gift dress! I love it! I grew up on Barbies, I used to play with and talk to them when I was a young girl! :) Lol to Mary too! :D

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, barbie was a fashion "icon" or something like that, but she is a bit of a bad influence.
That pictures says it all.

Skinny as all hell, Booby like you've never seen, and perfect features.

I've made my point. :)