Thursday, February 12, 2009

LE in a Heart Beat!

Hey everyone! As you all may know, the New Limited Edition was realeased yesterday which the theme of hearts, most probably due to Valentines day. This time around, there was 2 levels of flooring filled with these precious clothing which we were all dying for aswel as free jewellery for all who bought the LE collection. NOTE: If you bought LE last time around, you will still get the LE jewellery by mail by stardoll as before I even bought any new LE, I had the jewellery.
Let's take a look..
Okay, so, as you can see the theme is most defiantly hearts and the store is most defiantly expensive, as usual!
My favourite pieces are defiantly:

I also like the $250 puffed dress and some others but, Of course, they are all extremely expensive!

Moving on, to the two things I disliked the most..

That's all from me and the LE, for now.

You have heard my opinions, now, let us hear yours.

Leave a comment telling us your feelings on the LE collection, the things you love, like, dislike and hate!

Marie xxxx


Beverly said...

I like the collection but i liked the last collection better. I only ahev 25 stardollars so i bought the red hot sunnies, which I LOVE! My favs were the puffy dress with the hearts on the waist and my least fav was the clutch because it looks really cheap (but STILL expensive) lol!

MissDiorFashion said...

I bought the pretty hearts top (The first one which was out of stock) and I also got a really nice blue shirt (which is perfect for making outfits!) This Limited Edition collection is really good but there is some items they could have made better. I rate the whole collection 4/5 :D

GossipRoyalty said...

The only thing I like is the tights. The rest sucks, in my opinion. Why do i care.. im non superstar AND PROUD! :D Oh well, maybe one day i'll get some limited edition.. Hehee!

Anonymous said...

stardoll didnt work hard enough. they are ripping us off. they shouldn't be selling them for so much money! :(

Britney ox said...

i love hearts, i love valentines, i love the new LE! :p

Anonymous said...

I like the collection, perfect for valentines! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I bought pink shoes for 125 sd, but I didn't get a LE necklace...

Anonymous said...

Sd royally fkd up my accont they deleted it :/

Anonymous said...




You always say defiantly, even in your messages, and it is so annoying!


Babii-Mariex said...

Hehe, Anonymous, your funny :)

Paris.Freche said...

I like the new LE, its nice. Perfect for Valentines dates :P

MissMel08 said...

I like this collection, its really funky, and I love how they gave us two pages to choose from. Unlike you, one of my favourite pieces was the I<3LE tank dress. Its pretty cheap for LE, and it can be used for many different things. I was going to get it, it said there were some left, but there were none :(.
I also wanted either the red or pink sunglasses, but those were also sold out. :(
Maybe next collection I will get my hands on some.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is willing to sell any pieces of this collection, contact me on stardoll! i'm amk9lovers