Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here i come!

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Alon, and my Stardoll username is Yaelalon. I was one of the winners in the writing competition that Marie and Heidi held, so now im writing for the blog!
I wont write much information about me, i will just say that im a fashion freak and a music addict!
Im very happy about my new writer position, and i will do my best to make my posts interesting and fun.
Today i wont write anything special, but expect for some long and serious posts soon!
Coming soon: Hottest trends for spring 2009 review, and a post about a fierce fashion icon!
What are your opinions?
Tell us in a comment!
P.S: All the opinions will be great. Even if you hate me! Just be creative, fuck you is so last year :D


Claire said...

I hate you....:D
Hippie fields forever right?
Love you :P

YaelAlon said...

"I hate you" isnt original, i expected for more from you Claire! lol
Hippie fiels forever, love you too :D

Lilla aka ewonline said...

L-o-L. I love the PS. How about this, "I want to lay crap-covered duck eggs on you face"? Sorry, I have this weird addiction with trying to say "Duck Eggs" and "The Holy Sheep" wherever I can O.o

Claire said...

I don't need to be original
-I am original (H)

Paris.Freche said...

Yay! I cant wait foryour posts. im a music and fashion addict too lol!!

MadWorld said...


thereviewer said...

I cannot wait to see what you bring to the blog.

MissDiorFashion said...

'fuck u is so last year' Lol that made me laugh!
all the posts 'coming soon' sound great and u sound like a great person :D