Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marie & Michelle - ELLE New Collection Review

Hello, lovley readers! You missed me? I hope you havnt. Missing people isnt fun at all!
Anyway, today i logged on and like i always do, i went to windows shopping at the Starplaza to see if Stardoll released any of their new usuall shit. I was suprised (i wasnt realy suprised, i already saw everything on blogs! lol) to see the new ELLE brand collection. After i tried all the clothes, and decided what i like and what i hate, i was thinking that i can post my review about them!
Personally, im a bit disappointed of the new collection. Some of the clothes are gorgeous (my picks), but most of the collection is just plain and boring. The colours of the low points reminds me a bit of the childish Stuff By Hilary Duff/ Mary Kate And Ashley old brand that i always hated, and that (luckily) dont have any new collections on Stardoll.

This necklace is absoloutly beautiful! It looks so sophisticated... It can upgrade your elegant evening dress, and it can also take your everyday casual Jeans+Tee+Jacket/Blazer to a brand new level! Im totally going to buy it, but what about you?

What do you think of the new collection? And what do you think about my fast review on it? We totally LOVE complaining and mad people, so tell us everything in a comment!


UPDATE: Hey, It's Marie! I had planned a ELLE post too but Michelle beat me to it so here's just a quick review of my own.

Above is the new collection which has some really cute pieces! My personal favs are the jackets. They are gorge. Dont you agree ?

I like most of the collection but I'll only be buying my favourites. The ruffled dress is adorable and I love the jewellery especially the necklace Michelle pointed out. As I said before, the jackets are gorgeous and for some reason, I love the shorts! Overall, I like this collection but I also agree with Michelle on the way she says it remind her of the MKA & HD collections.

Here is a quick outfit I made with Michelle's low point and my high point of the collection to make a hot point, haha!

Tell us what you think of the collection in a comment! (:


Candy xoxo said...

I like it all.

Eamon007 said...

The collection is childish, as you said, like mka!

Serena. said...

My personal opinion is that I like the collection. It's colourful and playful, for spring!

MissDiorFashion said...

I love when you have joint posts, it lets us see 2 different opinions! I like the collection but some of it is like the HD collection as you said!

Paris.Freche said...

I love the jackets too. and the dresses are cute too. i love the shoes but i don't really like the tee shirts.

danceronice said...

i wish i was superstar =[[[

torangle said...

i love elle mag but the elle collection isn't impreessive =S

- Lady F said...

This ELLE collection is sweet!

Anonymous said...

stardoll sucks at graphics.. they should hire mario and quick

Anonymous said...

I like all collection, but i don't think it reminds MKA or Stuff either. I think so, because MKA and Stuff clothes are performed in really disgraceful graphics... But ELLE isn't childish at all. However, it's really similar to the previous collection, just color defference, you know.
P.S. I share your oponion about jackets... They are MUST HAVES of this stardoll spring :)

P.P.S. I might log in my acount on blogger, but I forgot to do this :)
It was me - MissCandyDoll :]