Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who Said It Was The End ?

As Magazines kept shutting down and leaving stardoll, we all thought there was no hope for stardoll Magazines. Then, when Eternity/Edge Magazine left the Magazine business we were almost positive that the Stardoll Magazine stage was gone for good. But now, something great has happened.. Tons of brand new magazines are starting to pile up every day!
As you all know TEENstyle realeased their Romance Issue yesterday with help by the lovely Kasia (Undamyumbrellla) and it was a great issue. As you can see, the cover is perfectly adorable, girly and mega cute! The covergirls Lou and Keisha looked amazing! My favourite article was, ''Playing Cupid, By Kasia Font.'' which was so much fun to read. My favourite photoshoot was Gabrielle's and Rhiann's party shoot, they both looked amazing.
HIGH POINTS: The mind-blowing Graphics, Playing Cupid - Article & Gabrielle&Rhianns photoshoot.
I loved this issue, probably my favourite of all TEENstyle's issue, I did think it was quite short but other than that, No week points at all!
Yesterday was a day to be remember with Teenstyle and Sprinkle being realeased on the same day, aswel as it being V-day and all! Sprinkle's first issue (Owned my Hunnigall and Mik-Ma) was realeased yesterday and Wow, I was impressed. The graphics are so unique and perfectly made, the articles are well written and the covergirl is beautiful! The overall magazine is perfect and I am an instant fan!
The amazing and unique graphics, Covergirl photoshoot & Wedges - Article.
I loved this issue so much especially the graphics so I wish there was an extra photoshoot, that's my only wish! Other than that, The magazine had an amazing first issue!
Aswel as yesterday's realeases here is only SOME of the magazines coming soon to
I have a great feeling about this Magazine. I cannot wait for the realease!
We all know that Mario has amazing graphic design skills so I am hoping for photoshoots and some new collections in his magazine. I am positive the graphics will be fab!
EXIT MAGAZINE by hrvatica_97 and yours truely, Babii-Mariex
As you know, Dora has finished Splash Magazine and has started a brand new magazine with me! I am so excited as this is the first magazine I have ever ran so it's going to be so much fun. The above spoiler isn't a definate look of the cover just a little peek into what it may look like.
My hopes for EXIT is that, I hope you all enjoy it! Our Magazine won't be the same as others, we will be featuring people with real style, edgy style, creative people, people who deserve it.
Dainty Magazine by woman-in-white & Fayasi.
Dainty Magazine has already published it's first issue but the second issue is said to be bigger and better than ever and I am so excited to see what Hrissi & Fay bring us. The whole theme is 'Going Green!'
HOPES: I hope to see the promised 'better than ever before' changes and I hope to see lots of themed articles for the theme of Going Green! ___________________________________________
I'm really excited for Royal Magazine as the spoiler they provided me with seems to be so much more different than others. ALSO.. It says January 31st but it has been delayed to Febuary 31st.
I hope the magazine provides us with all our magazine needs which are: Good graphics, well-written articles and surprising extras!

Revival Magazine by Glamour1 & xxdrivebylove

I have a great feeling about Revival Magazine. It has two wonderful owners, the 2 Lindsay's and I have a feeling it will do very well. Above is a spoiler sent to me by Glamour1 but you can see other spoilers on Mimi_Mami's Sense Of Stardoll blog by clicking here.
I hope that Revival will been awesome, no pressure, haha!
There are so many new magazines coming to stardoll every week. So umm, who said it was the end of stardoll magazines ?
What do you think of TEENstyle & Sprinkle Magazine ?
Which 'COMING SOON' Mag do you think will go far ?
What do you expect from these new magazines ?
Anything else to say ?
Tell us in a comment! :)


Paris.Freche said...

After i read this post i went straight to read sprinkle magazine and i love it. i also like teen style alot too! they are both so great in their own ways, i can not chose my favourite of both of them.

the magazine i think will do really well is mario's because he is really organized [[ithink??]] and he has great graphic skills.

i hope i can make a magazine one day but i am terrible at graphics lol!

Serena. said...

Am I the only one that thinks teenstyle is too big for it's boots? I bet they could publish a magazine with 1 line articles and half finished graphics and people would still think it's greatt.. :/

PS. I cant wait to see what you and dora come up with for exit magazine! im sure it will be fab!

Anonymous said...


EXIT: 9/10
DAINTY: 8/10
ROYAL: 5/10

HollywoodCritic said...

I think selena did a good job this month with teenstyle but, I only look at the pics so how would I know? I actually read Sprinkle's articles because they were more interesting.

MadWorld said...

I liked all this month's mag realeases. i think almost all the magazines you named will go far especially glamour, revival and exit.

Brigitte said...

And Goddess Magazine?

agynessdeynlove1 said...

i love stardoll magazines! my fav was eternity, im so sad its gone but now we have the bbof which i bet is gona be great! i cant wait for all the new mags to be realeasedd!

Mimi_Mami said...

"I'm really excited for Royal Magazine as the spoiler they provided me with seems to be so much more different than others. ALSO.. It says January 31st but it has been delayed to Febuary 31st."

February 31st :D

I thought February this year had only 28 days :D

iStylista said...

What do you guys think of POSEUR magazine? The graphics are getting better. :)

Lettie97 said...

EXIT is going to rock! I can't wait :)
Dainty, TeenSTYLE and Sprinkle are amazing!

Anonymous said...

revival is released already

Mimi_Mami said...

Sprinkle has a new website:

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

Wow, I love the post, so informative and very well layed out! I am a huge fan of 'TeenStyle' and now 'Sprinkle' and 'Dainty' too! I cannot wait for 'Exit' as it looks to be very exciting and 'Glamour' as Mario always provides us with very good graphics and exclusive designer clothes. I'm also anticipating 'Royal' and 'Revival'.

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Loving them all!
Sprinkle really amazed me, and as for teenStyle, well, lovely as allways.
& I can't wait to see the upcoming mags. :-)

Caridie said...

Where's Bloom on your list?
I'm beginning to think that when I announced Bloom's coming release, it was a bad time! Tons of other magazines either followed in my footsteps or happened to decide to create magazines as well. Who knows. Best of luck to them all--Liked the article!

Sophia said...

I love all of those magazines, and the ones that have not been released look good :D
I hope you like LUNA!
Sophia xxx


heyy! Big fan here. you really need 2 add BLOOM EDITION TO UR REVIEWS!

you dont know about it?