Monday, February 2, 2009

Look in my flow!

Hey Darlings! I finally got my computer and internet back, and i'm so happy! I missed this blog, Stardoll and especially my friends and you dear readers SO much!
This post isn't about my comeback but about one thing or two!
The first is a make up look; take a look ;)
The Look:
It's indeed a minimalistic look, but not in the sense of colours but the used tools. I tried to use eye pencils or liners only for the eyes, and for the first time on this blog the look is not on my medoll but on TL's one that Marie, Mary, and I have created and improved lately!
Just follow the steps below!
1) On the corner spread some white eye shadow.
2) Then, use a blue eye pencil, and let the inside contour of the eye empty. On this empty corner spread some white eye pencil many times to get a very white corner, and use a grey KVD eye liner and some touches of a black one!
3)Add a mysterious lipstick, that gives the exact touch of colour depencing on your medoll's skin!for this one it's the Dirty rose KVD lipstick!
The Outfit:
The outfit is more gala kind, it looks sophisticated but actually it's very simple to create! It's a matter of layering two skirts one dress over and under each other, a pair of gloves and some accessories! And, here's your unique and creative dress!
See you soon with more posts!


Beverly said...

Yay, Heidi is back. Love the look, gorgeous!

MissDiorFashion said...

Wow, I love your comback post heidi! Love the dress and the make-up is stunning. Can't wait for new posts and of course, welcome back!

Serena. said...

i love the make-up and the outfit. My favourite is the make-up. it looks so mysterious and beautiful.

Paris.Freche said...

Nice, love everything about the look and i would just like to say...... welcome back!!!!

Anonymous said...

how did u get that background behind ur medoll in the outfit pic????

GossipRoyalty said...

I really like this look. It's so much more than the usual ones. The look is more unique and personal and i love it. I love the idea of havin an outfit with the look.

Ohhh and, Anonymous, she used photoshop.

Sarah said...

The makeup is beautiful!
I'm glad you're finally back. xo

Lilla aka ewonline said...

Completely not me.

sirenintheshadows said...

Loving the make-up! The outfit is beautiful as well. :)