Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring 2009 trends

Hello fashion lovers!

Like i promised, today im going to write a post about the hottest trends for spring 2009. Unfortunately, i dont have alot of time and im pretty tired, so i just picked 3 trends, and from each trend i picked my favorite runway looks. Credit to! Also, i havnt got enough hating messeges in the last post of mine. Be creative people!

Anyway, here we go...

Grecian Goddes:

John Galliano

Jean Paul Gautlier

Marchesa I havnt picked this outfit just because of the extremly stunning gown. Its also because the model is Alice Burdeu, one of my favorite models lately :)

80's trash:

Meadham Kirchhoff Chanel

Alexander Wang And Givenchy I saw many denim&leather jackets on the runways. Soon we will have one of these in Stardoll, the Alexander Wang jacket from the picture :)

Fun Prints:


Anna Sui

Betsey Johnson

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed!

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

Tell me in a comment!



its daym fab!
I totally love these.

John said...

I love. 5/5

Undamyumbrellla said...

Don't forget big shoulders! :P
I love Alice Burdeu too. :)

YaelAlon said...

Kasia, i wanted to add the big shoulders but all i found was a Balmain shoulder pads dress, which i havnt realy liked. But i will take another look, maybe i will find something and add :)

Anonymous said...

nice work with the mini trend report!

in.teknicolorr said...

I love alice burdeu too! she was awesome in ausntm.

Also the whole making fun of the recession thing by putting prints of money on the clothes that Gaultier was doing was pretty interesting too.

Speaking of which, join my club "Gaultier" if you're a fan. x

in.teknicolorr said...

Just in case you want to see some designer's from there it's called "depression chic" on's trends. xox

MissDiorFashion said...

Love the post! My fav is 80's trash! lol. so edgy.

Serena. said...

Nice post. I love Betsey johsnon! xD

- Lady F said...

Alice Burdeu is amazing, i love her.

Please check out my new fashion and gossip blog! :D