Thursday, April 16, 2009

London Bridge is calling me, calling me.

(Like the new layout of the blog ? I love the pink, dont you ?)
Hey everyone. Early tomorrow, Im going to London (yessssss!) and I can't wait.. With all the excitement I totally forgot about stardoll.. and the blog but would I leave you with nothing to read for the whole week? No, No, No. You are in the great hands of Michelle and Heidi but with Michelle maybe taking a short break (Stardoll Addiction rehab break) from stardoll for a few days and Heidi being busy with studying we will be having a few, or maybe just one (undecided yet) guest bloggers for you all (yay!) So there's nothing to worry about, you won't even know I was gone, ha!
And I will probably get to post once or twice in the week, so, no worries. And gosh, Its only a week, ha! I'll try and get some awesome pics for you all (Im a terrible photographer, ha!).
Until then, Bye! I'll miss you all.. but I think I need a short break from stardoll anyway.
PS. What do you think of the new LE ?
Not as great as I suspected.
The hat is hawwwt though, the best part in the collection, I think.
And I loveee the blue gladiator sandles and the yellow dress!


Serena. said...

I'll miss you and your posts very much! Your so lucky getting to go for a vacation! I hope you have a great time.

As for the limited edition, i hate it, lol! but i do love the hat!

RiRi said...

Nooooo dont leave me!
Gona miss our little skype chats so much and your little messages in my guestbook.
Have a great time babes :)

RiRi said...

Oh and i like the LE, it's good but not great.
Some pieces are fab esp. hat ;)

MadWorld said...

Your coming to london? awesome:D
i mite bang into you on the streets lol!

Brieee :) said...

LE rocks :D
London rocks :D
Its gona be amazing :D

GossipRoyalty said...

The Limited edition is low quality crap. Even mario could do better than what they created. I refuse to by any of the limited edition crap.

MissDiorFashion said...

forget about LE.. Im gona miss you SOOOOO much!!

tell me everything, show me the pics when you get back!! :D

have a greaaaat time!

Anonymous said...

who will be guestblogging? can anyone guestblog like a competiton to choose or will you just pick them?

Babii-Mariex said...

Thanks everyone, I'll miss you all too (:

And Anonymous, I'll be choosing the guest bloggers due to short notice. Michelle and I already have one in mind :)

coolsista said...

wow, id love to go to london! its going to be great! have a great time! well all miss you loads and im michelle, heidi and the guestblogger wil do a great sure so dont worry and enjoy your time to the max!

Lilla said...

Too bad for you, I went to PARIS! And I didnt fall it love :'(

YaelAlon said...

My Stardoll Rehab vacation! LMAO

Lettie97 said...

I went to London last Thursday and came back home this Tuesday!
Loved it there, so much to see, so much to do! Haha ;D
Have a great time, Marie! xo

Dora [is Robsessed] said...

We'll miss you! London?! AAAH! My favourite place on Earth... :P Not like I've ever been there, but anyways! Take photooooos :)

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

Londons awesome.
Wait, I'm not meant to say thet when I live there am I?
Um, London stinks?

: /

Bella/ TheAList said...

We'll miss you very much : )
I've been to London once, and omg! The city is wondeful !! My absolute favourite !

amelia xx said...

i am in love with the alexander mcqueen leggings. I'll miss you so much!!! Well, I live in London so we might see eachother even though we don't know what we look like haha ;) anyway, bye!! amelia xxx

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

Oh have a good time! But there's no need to wish that since you'll be in London! :)

Anonymous said...

Ewwwh, I Hate That Hat You Pointed Out.

MissCandyDoll said...

Omg! I thought I was the one with recent news about London :]
I’m going to study at private school in London this year! Yahoo!
P.S. London is cool at night :] And don’t forget to go shopping to Oxford street (I hope you will manage to walk there – too crowd xD) Oh, and Jimmy Choo shoes of course!