Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Graceful Beauty

Graceful Elegance...Distinguished Beauty....
Gabrielle is one of the rare stardoll-ers who have that majesty and so princely poise,a sweet alluring medoll,combined with a high fashion sence that is expressed all over her suite with elegant,chic and sometimes very daring ensembles beautifully layered,mixed and matched covering the walls,making every ensemble looks unique with no scent of faux pas!and as she says she have no fear of it!!
But not only,she also expresses her english identity by creating designs inspired from the english flag colors and forms or prints symbolizing the english refinement and sophistication.
I,personally admire her style,her unlimited talent and that distinguished touch that she gives to all her creations!!
till the next post Ciao

p.s. GabY-- have been also featured in an amazing blog owned by the wonderfull Gemma_W!!it's, i visited it today,after a pathetic accusation from a pathetic anonymous,and i must say that i'm addicted!!


Anonymous said...

lovely designs!

Anonymous said...

you copied this from the My Wicked Style blog.

Heidi-di said...

what?are you kidding me?
could you give us the right website!!
If you're talking that they featured her too,we choosed her me and Marie,2 weeks ago!!ask Marie,or i can give a printscreen of the list!if you were not anonymous dear!!

hottie-roshe said...

emm they didnt copy mywikedstyle.. the posts are nothing alike duhh. anyways great post heidi and gaby rules the fashion world!! shes amazing.

Anonymous said...